On Using WordPress

Wordpress is a great solution, perfect for many.

I feel this way, because:

  1. Once finished, the web sites are easy-to-update by anyone, from any computer with internet access (and the password).
  2. You, the client, don't have to buy anything. WordPress is free, and is continually updated, for free.
  3. "Under the hood", WordPress sites have very clean code. That means they load quickly and are very Search Engine friendly.
  4. With my skills (I can change the default HTML code, CSS code, and javascript code), I can edit/adapt existing themes to make them truly unique for you.
  5. This web building process is QUICK. Less time = lower cost for you.
  6. I feel it does not matter which tool I use to design, but there are many advantages with WordPress. Clients tend to feel ALL my sites look good — and are easy to navigate — whatever tool I use to make it. Review my portfolio to see  just a FEW of my WordPress (or HTML) samples.

"But Mom, everyone is doing it!"

It is persuasive to hear that a process is gaining in popularity. Here is a link to a site for web developers. It shows which CMS (content management systems) are being used, in real time, right now. Last time I looked WordPress was leading by 60%.

The main industry-standard web design program, Adobe's Dreamweaver, has picked up on this trend. The newest Dreamweaver program newly added support to create and edit WordPress sites.

Training You = Easy for Me

My experience as an educator helps here. Most clients need only a half hour of my training (in person, or over the phone) you will be able to learn to edit your finished site.

If you are a do-it-yourself sort, here is a link to free online videos that you can peruse now, to get an idea how this editing works. Online tutorials are terrific, but in the interest of time, I can show you just want you need to know for your site, more quickly.

Widgets and Plugins

These are a HUGE advantage. Think of any function you may need in your web site (calendar, form, mass email system, a count down clock, job application/posting pages, search engine optimization, photo galleries, etc), there is a plugin or widget for that. Most are free, or very low cost. You can easily add or delete these any time as needed.

For example, if you need a calendar you can update easily, there are hundreds to choose from. I tend to choose these plugins after learning your needs, and I install them and teach you how to update them, if needed.

Go here to look for some on your own. There are 20,724 free plugins from this link to the main WordPress site, and tons more created from private developers.

We can discuss your needs, and I can suggest if a WordPress site will work best for you.