Troy Patrick/Skin & Body, Web Site

Client Troy Patrick/Skin & Body

This client is a model.

Well, maybe he could be a print model, but for me he was a Model Client, in regard to preparation.

Why does that matter? In advance he had:

  1. done much research regarding styles of web sites so he knew what he wanted.
  2. prepared a web site page outline in detail. Written in pencil on paper, too. Wooooo.
  3. already collected great photos to use.
  4. made a commitment to learning WordPress.

As a result, his final bill was pretty small. Really. And that is fine with me.

I set the tricky things up. He quickly approved our direction. I gave him one tutorial in WordPress (about 30 mins) and he finished 90% of the web site himself.

Look at the drop-down menu, in the lower image. I set up one product, and he completed the rest (and there are a ton of products there!) Each of those ten in the drop-down have 4- 12 sub products, too.




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