Save The Animals Foundation, Web Site

Client Save the Animals Foundation

I teamed with a terrific marketing person, and together we created this site for STAF (Save the Animals Foundation). We conferred on most everything, but I was the designer, she was the writer/client contact person.

STAF already had a site which needed to be paired down, streamlined, and made more professional and user-friendly.

WordPress was the perfect solution that I proposed. Well, I knew it was perfect, but the very knowledgeable web volunteers initially hated the idea, due to the correct, but limited assumption that WordPress is only for simple cookie-cutter blogging sites. (Read more about what I think of WordPress here.)

I was able to provide:

  1. a very customized emotional, yet organized design for the site
  2. training to make it easy for ANY volunteer to update the site
  3. very specific web tools that are easily managed though WordPress.

The main tool I suggested was an easy-to-update calendar system, where you can create single events, OR recurring events, in one action. Wooo. Saved time. PLUS I set it up so that the home page automatically puts the most current coming event there, AUTOMATICALLY. (Yes, there were "whoops" of glee when I demonstrated that; no one has to do this manually, ever.)

Another tool I set up helps STAF add and promote animals to adopt (DO check them' little critters out...). I set up a rotating click-through system to present and browse an unlimited number of perfect pets and "forever homes".

Check it out!

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