Mary Maass, Illustrator, Inspired Art & Facilitator

Client Mary Maass


Mary is a very distinctive client and individual. After becoming acquainted with her unique voice (both literally and figuratively) I really wanted to help her as best as I could.

She desperately needed a web site that would show the world what she was: a professional educator, facilitator and artist. She did not have computer skills, and she did not have much of a budget, and everyone was asking to see a web site.

From the beginning, she was willing to learn,  and help me build the site. That meant we would use WordPress together to build the site that would fit in her budget.

Check out what we created together. I set in place her site structure, initially re-organized her material, and added 2 or 3 few pieces of art into the gallery. After one training, she FINISHED the site, changing and personalizing her content, and added all the rest of the art.

Great job, Mary!

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