Cessna for African Preservation, Web Site

Non profit with photos from National Geographic Photographer
Client Cessna for African Preservation

This was an EXCITING project.

My challenge was to create a dynamic web presence to help fundraise an unfamiliar cause. Cessnas were needed to be purchased in Africa, as an transportation alternative to more invasive  procedures, like road building.

Besides a very ambitious motivated client, I got to work with a photographer from National Geographic, and had full access to his amazing African imagery.

To make the site's concept work, I came up with a short, QUICKLY informative, motivating question, " Get researchers in, where there are no roads in Africa?" After a few seconds, the cessna image "flys" in from the left. After a few more seconds, the solution slides in saying "Buy them an airplane."

The project met its goals, so this web site is no longer in service.