Caracole, Web Site

(wordpress site modification)
Client Caracole

Caracole is a Cincinnati- based non profit that provides safe, affordable housing & supportive servies to individuals & families living with HIV/AIDS.

The goal of this site design was to 1) continue the existing branding of Caracole (blue and shell logo), 2) make a design that was easily updated by anyone on staff, and 3) communicate WARM, CARING, and PROFESSIONAL.

The curved elements and soft airbrushing in the background helped with the warm, caring element. The restrained color scheme and use of grey gives a professional tone.

So that it was interesting and engaging, I chose a web-based font (new idea here) for the headlines that was both curvy and clear, and introduced orange as an accent color. I was able to legally provide the client with the font, so that they can use it with their materials, on both Macs and PCs. The orange highlights navigational elements (links and buttons).

By "wordpress site modification" — I did edit the actual CSS code, edited the font choices, and went beyond the basic graphic options to make them very custom.

I particularly like the EVENTS page. There can be too much information here, but I was able to create a drop-down system to show many events in one glance, and trained the staff to create the graphics held in those event promotion areas.

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