You Can Do it.

Let Doug, Katie or Fred help ya, too.

To give proper credit, all this is possible due to

Not to be confused with (the free blogging platform). Follow the WP link above to check out EVERYTHING about WP, including free themes, free plugins, free help, free.. well, you get it.

a) Start with a basic WP site. Experiment with themes already there.

b) be able to add pages, make a menu with drop downs,

c) and be able to research themes / add / change / stylize

d) stylize text, add links from text, add photos, add links from icons/photos

e) search and install widgets or maybe start a blog

f) Make a photo gallery (find samples stuff online or bring your own images)

g) get comfortable exploring and experimenting! (and bring questions


Go here for online training videos (Fred's Favorite:
Consider skipping steps 2, 3, 4 if you aren't really into blogging.

Here is one link: 
-- that, esp for experienced users, will lead to a blog with tons of other interesting WordPress skills, like, Where to find wordpress help, the best plugins, which wordpress SEO is best? -- etd


Step 1. Access your New WordPress site

Step 1. Access your New WordPress site

Step 1. Access your New WordPress site

Step 1. Access your New WordPress site

Step 1. Access your New WordPress site

Step 1. Access your New WordPress site

After you log in

You will see a promo for JetPack.. which is an lovely selection of functions provided by WordPress. A good thing, but you need a WP (free) account in order to activate JetPack, plus you might want to be more comfortable first with WP.

You will see on the left a Green Icon for the "Mojo Marketplace". They have an arrangement with my web host to promote their products. You won't see this normally, unless you are with BlueHost. You can check out their stuff, or delete the MOJO PLUGIN that makes this be there.

I suggest you start with APPEARANCE > THEMES >.

Look at the current home page / theme (in a new tab, in a browser)

Back in WordPress, Appearance > Themes.. The default theme is called Twenty Fourteen.

Click the customize button, have fun. Go nuts; you can't break it.

THEN change to any of the other themes already installed. Woooo. Then go bonkers experimenting with searching free themes, and installing them, and the options listed at the top of this page.

 Bored? All "Done".

Check in with Katie, Doug or Fred about more advanced functions. Woooo.