Downton Abbey Ball – Demo

We love performing music, especially when exploring the theatre that can surround it.

epicWinds_coverEPIC WINDS is comprised of  Sara Studebaker (keyboard & music arranger), Deborah Grim (flute) and Fred Martens (clarinet). We have performed concerts, background music and educational programs together — for AGES. We were established in 1994.

Most memorably, we were hired by author Anne Rice to perform a concert in her newly-restored historic home (previously a Catholic church, school and convent) in New Orleans, for her grand "Memnoch Ball" book release event. This gave us a great opportunity to perform in costume and in character as vampires, in differing period attire to match Anne Rices' "vampires across the ages" theme.

Your Downton Abbey Ball sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

To perform music for dancing, we added a fourth musician to our group, drummer Alynne Rousselle, to provide rhythm (or should we say, our heartbeat!)

To check that we are a good fit for your event, we created this 4-minute demo of two Strauss waltzes, and two Joplin ragtime songs.


In under 4 minutes we present short excepts of (in order):

1. Vienna Life  Op. 354 (Strauss)
2. Pine Apple Rag (Joplin)
3. Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)
4. Tales from the Vienna Woods (Strauss)

Click the button below to listen. If you have questions, feel free to call Fred at 513.559.9987, or email